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Post by GW| Sigrun on Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:01 am

Hi Guys, I hope everyone is doing Ok. As some of you may/may not know a few of us have moved from GW to OL (me, Engin, and Memphisto). I have been talking to the leadership of OL and they have asked if you might be interested in a merger similar to what happened with WWJD a while back.

OL has four groups, Bonnie, 10k+ banners, Clyde 6k+, WWJD 8k+, and OL np 4k+. While we came in 4th the last guild war (2nd on the one before), we determined that 10k is just too low to reach #1 and probably need a 12k+ to be competitive.

GW has a long history. The question is, would you like to see a merger? It benefits OL by being able to field a more competitive team with more sub groups. For GW, it offers the most competitive players more top level teams to be a member of and to compete for the top spots. The idea is not to eliminate GW but to put them under a larger "umbrella". Let me know if you guys are interested. I know most of your communication is by WhatsApp but I could never get that working right.

Thanks, Sigrun.

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Outlaw Leigon (OL) Empty Re: Outlaw Leigon (OL)

Post by Engin H on Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:22 am

Hi all I heard Sades and hawkeye are communicating. ı hope that goes well I want to add en example My sons account Omer is on WWJDs' 8 k group. This way we will chose or move from one grup to another to achive greater glory.

Engin H

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